QIDA sits by Science Road, at Green Ground Square, in Science Park, Guangzhou; Specialized in the development, manufacture and after-sale service of wireless communication devices and security-related camera etc.

  In the industry of wireless communication, QIDA provides customer with devices and solutions which apply to GPRS, CDMA, WCDMA etc.

  In the industry of security-related monitoring, QIDA is committed in the development and manufacture of wifi-smart camera. Through on-line, off-line, QIDA supplies 360o view camera, fixed-view camera, 360o view mini camera, Dim-light view color camera, and also monitoring solutions. QIDA has a stable marketing, from Guangzhou across the whole China, and also, downward, to the South-easten Asia market.

  Besides, QiZhong, the wholly-owned subcompany of QIDA, is equipped with dust-free production line, functioning as the production and development center of OEM & ODM of high-tech electronic products, with high flexibility in changing its pace in workmanship, efficiency and delivery, in accorance with customized demand of market.

  Founded in 2004, and over the past decade, QIDA has developed from a small workshop to now a large company, with more than 100 employees, and over 1000 sq meters in space.

  QIDA is certificated in quality system, servicing system and after-sale assurance system; all products are qualified in accordance with the requirement of China and of the communication industry. QIDA supplies, through close collabration with customer, product-developing-tools and on-site tech support, and monitoring solutions, applying to the industry of traffic monitoring, power grid, remote medical treatment, smart home, security-related monitoring, wireless network, and the integration of three networks etc.

  As to the recruitment and team building, QIDA owns the principle of efficiency comes the first, and also balance the others; focus on the cultivation of the 'system of responsibility, honest,thankfulness, innovation,' trying to bring success to both the company and individual employees simultaneously. Here in QIDA, we offer employees a good career life, a fair opportunity of promotion, an attractive salary pay, and a package of systematic training.

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